Aaron Hartmann - Bass Camille Alexander - Vocals/Guitar Marie Niemiec - Drums/Back Vocals.


Has anybody seen Georges-Alain Jones?

A VOID is a 3 piece DIY rock band from Paris/London. Will scream insanities in your ears and make you uncontrollably dance the onche-onche ondulé. Nightmare of sound engineers. “There is beer all over my pedalboard!” “Twice I got electrocuted while I was playing!” “Charles Aznavour!” A VOID will delight you, disturb you, and always surprise you.

A VOID self-released their second album Dissociation in September 2022, from which they
released five singles: Sad Events Reoccur, Stepping On Snails, Newspapers, 5102 and Sick As A
Dog. Each of these singles comes along with a music video with unique sets carefully imagined and crafted by the band themselves, directed and edited by frontwoman Camille Alexander, featuring
paper planes, snails crawling on their faces, and piles of newspapers.

Contact: avoidinyou(at)gmail.com